Teaching and Pedagogy


Introduction to Political Thought (SUNY Plattsburgh, Fall 2022)

Anti-Colonialism (SUNY Plattsburgh, Fall 2022)

Honors Seminar: Environmental Ethics (SUNY Plattsburgh, Fall 2022)

Feminist Political Thought (SUNY Plattsburgh, Spring 2022)

Senior Seminar: 21st Century Political Thought (SUNY Plattsburgh, Spring 2022)

Justice and Politics (SUNY Plattsburgh, Fall 2021)

African-American Political Thought (SUNY Plattsburgh, Fall 2020)

Honors Seminar: Why Do We Work? Should We Work?: The Politics of Work in the 21st Century (SUNY Plattsburgh, Fall 2020)

Global Political Thought (SUNY Plattsburgh, Spring 2020)

Feminist Political Thought (SUNY Plattsburgh, Fall 2019)

Justice and Politics (SUNY Plattsburgh, Fall 2019)

Political Ideals and Ideologies (SUNY Plattsburgh, Spring 2019)

US National Politics (SUNY Plattsburgh, Fall 2018)

Senior Research Seminar: Theories and Politics of Work and Labor (Beloit College, Spring 2018)

Classical Justice (Beloit College, Spring 2018)

Introduction to Political Thinking (Beloit College, Spring 2018)

US Political Thought (Beloit College, Fall 2017)

Modern Political Theory (Beloit College, Spring 2017)

US Constitutional Law (Beloit College, Spring 2017)

Political Thought Since 1900 (Hunter College, Spring 2014)

Women and Gender in Western Political Thought (Hunter College, Spring 2014)

Modern Political Thought (Hunter College, Fall 2013)



Exhibit on the history of Black political and cultural figures who have spoken or performed at SUNY Plattsburgh from 1960-2000; this was the final project for my Spring 2019 African-American Political Thought course.

Blog post on the conference-within-a-conference I co-organized as part of the 2017 Western Political Science Association annual meeting, “Identity, Controversy, Pedagogy: Teaching Contentious Issues in the Political Science Classroom”

Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) and Writing in Political Science: Resources for Students and Faculty
In the 2014-15 academic year, I was a Writing Across the Curriculum Fellow at Hunter College, CUNY, working in the Political Science Department and the Reading/Writing Center. My work entailed faculty pedagogical development, implementing Writing Across the Curriculum principles in Political Science courses, leading reading and writing workshops for Political Science students, and providing one-on-one writing tutoring. In the course of this work, I developed the following resources.
Handouts for students: Critical Reading and Note-TakingWriting Essay ExamsMaking Arguments and Using SourcesResearch in Political ScienceCitation Resources; Term Papers and Making Arguments
Handouts for facultyPrinciples for Assignment Design