My research focuses, generally speaking, on three areas.

First, I draw on recent developments in critical ethnic studies to examine contemporary political phenomena and current debates in political theory. So far, this has taken the form of an article on anti-black racism, slavery, and biopolitics, and in-progress article manuscripts on how the “All Lives Matter” rejoinder to #BlackLivesMatter re-articulates anti-black biopolitics and racial liberalism, and on the legal writing of Sonia Sotomayor in relation to African-American political thought.

Second, I am engaged in several collaborative trajectories of research in the political theory of work and labor. This involves in-progress manuscripts on Silicon Valley ideologies of work, anti-work politics and democratic theory, and a feminist political theoretical analysis of Alexa, Google Assistant, and other home-based artificial intelligence devices.

Third, I juxtapose recent developments in affect theory with canonical political thinkers in order to generate new understandings of the politics of emotion. Two articles, one examining Simone de Beauvoir and the other analyzing Karl Marx, have thus far resulted from this project.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Invited Book Reviews

  • “The Pedagogy of Feminist Theory.” Symposium on The Oxford Handbook of Feminist Theory, ed. Lisa Disch and Mary Hawkesworth (2016), forthcoming in Politics & Gender

Public Writing