Student Podcasts

These are the podcasts created by the students in my US Federal Government and Politics course in the Fall 2016. semester. Listen by clicking through to the individual links below, and they are also available on iTunes.

The assignment sheet for the podcast is here, while the rubric my students and I collectively made is here.

US Federal Government and Politics podcasts, Beloit College, Fall 2016
Carter Skolnick and Jesse Luong, Voter ID Laws
Apollo Justice-Johnson, Gender-Neutral Bathrooms
Beau Fountaine, Campaign Finance Reform
Ethan Perel-Wertman and Joel Feinerman, Marijuana in Modern America
Hannah Klintworth, Affirmative Action
Zach Jenkins and Ethan Harycki, Campus Carry
Lillie Herbst, Police Brutality
Josh Nelson and Jay Hoffman, Climate Change
Katia Virieux, The Electoral College
Lindsey Bogott, The War on Drugs and Marijuana Legalization
Noritsugu Shiba, Racism in American Politics
Mark Stephens and Steven O’Neil, The Supreme Court
Natalie Green, College Activists at Standing Rock
Morgan Monteiro, How a Bill Becomes a Law